How efficient is your duct system?

We as homeowners often overlook the most important component of any heating or cooling system. This would be your duct system. Properly designed and installed duct systems can cut energy losses, prevent health hazards, and provide more comfort throughout your home.


1. First lets take a look at how a properly designed and installed duct system can cut energy losses. A duct system should be sealed at every joint, takeoff, boot, and transition. Also, a duct system should be properly insulated against the elements in which it is installed in.A homeowner can have the most efficient equipment, however if it is connected to a leaky and inefficient designed duct system that homeowner will be essentially losing the efficiency that they paid for.


2. Second, a poorly designed and installed duct system can be bad for your health. Duct systems that have leaks (especially in the return ductwork) can lead to poor indoor air quality. If you haveductwork in a crawlspace or an attic, you could be pulling air from those spaces into your living areas. This could pose an even greater problem for anyone suffering from allergies or asthma. Mold is always another concern of a poorly designed duct system. If air is not properly moved and distributed through a house moisture can build up, causing mold.

Mold inside of duct work.


3. Lastly, do you have parts of your home that don’t feel as comfortable as others? The cause could be a inefficient duct system. When a duct system is not properly designed it can lead to cold or hot spots all over your house.Every house is different, so shouldn’t your duct system be designed differently with your comfort in mind?

As homeowners we can not simply look at just replacing equipment without addressing inefficiencies in the ductwork. So if any of these symptoms apply to you, contact us today for a duct analysis.