5 things any homeowner can do to prepare their A/C for the summer heat!

Replace/clean your air filter!

This is the easiest and often the most efficient step anyone can take to improve the overall function of their A/C. Replace any filters that are dirty. Also, clean any return air grilles to improve the airflow through the grille.

Clean filter vs Dirty filter

Check your condensate drains or pumps

This could possibly become one the most costliest problems you encounter if steps are not taken to ensure the drains are in good order. Make sure every drain is attached and free of debris. Be sure to follow drain all the way to the outside of house if possible. Drains can become knocked loose over time. If you have a condensate pump installed on your system, make sure the pump is clean. You can clean the pump by unplugging it first, then detach the base and rinse it out with a water house. After cleaning the pump, put it back together and plug it back in. Then you can test the pump by pouring water into it to ensure that the pump is in proper working condition.

what a typical drain may look like
condensate pump

Change the batteries in your thermostat

Changing the batteries in your thermostat can ensure that you don’t come home to a hot house. Batteries can begin to corrode a thermostat if left in for too long. Most thermostat’s that require batteries, usually require AA or AAA batteries. Not all thermostat’s require the use of batteriess.

Visually inspect ductwork

If possible, visually inspect your ductwork. There are a few things to look for while doing this. First, look for any missing or torn insulation around the ductwork itself. Second, you will want to make sure that all the ductwork is attached, without any sagging or holes in flexible duct.

sagging ductwork

Call a professional to come service your A/C

Having a professional service technician come service your A/C system can dramatically increase the efficiency of your air conditioning. The service tech will be able to check and balance refrigerant levels, check all electrical components, repair any ductwork issues, clean/check air filters, and offer you peace of mind that your air conditioning will keep you cool all summer!